Since 2002 Standrick Hill Kennels has worked alongside the RSPCA providing care for both cats and dogs.

For 10 years we’ve specialised in caring for the RSPCA neglected animal cases, administering various medications and treatments, ensuring starvation cases were fed at set intervals to allow their body’s to digest food again helping them return back to a normal weight.

Through expert care and nurturing most animals return back to full health allowing them to move on and find new loving homes.

We care for a number of RSPCA dogs that are looking for loving homes through no fault of their own in some cases the owners are no longer able to look after them through ill health, old age, or a change of circumstances.

Here at standrick the RSPCA dogs are cared for by staff and volunteers. They are taken for daily walks and are given plenty of love and cuddles,until the right home is found.

Anyone who can help re-home one of the above dogs please visit the RSPCA website or on the Standrick Hill Facebook page where pictures of our current dogs can be seen.

– Gill